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About Us

Our capacity to accommodate flexibility of roles and working practices across all sectors enables us to take a more pro-active role in our clients’ needs, no matter where in the world the project is.

NAC continues to grow successfully in reaching its corporate objectives through a clear strategy which underpins our goals for long-term success. The group now has subsidiaries ranging across five business sectors including Construction, Recruitment, Energy, Information Technology and Terminal Services.

The Group plays a vital role in today's society by creating assets that are essential in our daily life and help build a future. We take pride in first class customer satisfaction, service, safety and environmental care.

Due to NACs growth and opportunities presented, we have to follow some standards which are based on the following attributes:

o   Quality & Creativity

o   Customer Confidence &


o   Technical Innovation

o   Cost efficiency

Our reputation provides confidence to trust amongst our clients, employees, partners, communities that we serve and do business with.

The corporate identity is based on a set of values shared throughout the group which includes:
  • Excellence in quality and creativity
  • Customer confidence and satisfaction being the yardstick of the company
  • Personnel being our greatest strength
  • Technical innovation that improves cost efficiency
  • Strong long-term partnerships
  • An innovative approach
  • Work diligently
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Sustainability

The markets we serve while applying core competencies and skills are:

 Civil Engineering and Infrastructure
 HR Recruitment & Management
   Power Generation
 IT & Telecom
 Terminal Services
NAC has amassed vast experience in several countries across the globe including: United Kingdom, South East Asia, Middle East, South Asia, Turks and Caicos, and Africa. The Group has targeted and developed emerging economies where opportunities have been presented.

Our international coverage allows us to be flexible and accommodating to our clients. It also ensures a rapid response to changing market dynamics if and when needed.

We believe success of any project relies on the quality of technical advice thereof, the depth of skills and resources within the company enables us to embrace any project with confidence based on the secure knowledge of our experience.

Our technical expertise has been the principal of the success of any project that we have worked on.

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